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Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

Kyle Keeley is third in line behind 1) a complete jock and 2) an utter brainiac. But those things don’t necessarily matter in the world of games. Brawn and brains won’t help the roll of the die, or the draw of a lucky card and this gives Kyle a fighting chance. In fact, he’s pretty good at games. So when Kyle finds out that his favorite game maker has designed the new local library he’s more than eager to be a part of the invitation-only lock-in on opening night. But what Kyle doesn’t count on, is that getting into the library is the easy part. Getting out is the name of this game.

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Book Review: Wonder

I came upon the book “Wonder” when a friend of mine asked if I had read it? She had heard it was great modern fiction for middle schoolers. What’s more, she had heard the book was Catholic to its core. Wow! Minutes later it was zipped down to my iPad via the magic of the internets and Overdrive.

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Jack Mogens is all set to prove his worth as starting player on his Little League team. If only he could hit those inside balls. But when an inside ball strays a bit too far inside, Jack finds that he still has a lot to learn. Can he learn it?

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