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Between Shades of Gray

Fifteen year-old Lina Vilkas in the summer of 1941 is happy. She has been accepted to art school and can hardly wait for the summer to be over. But on June 14, 1941, before the evening ends and the summer begins there is pounding at the family’s front door. It is the Soviet secret police – the NKVD – and they are arresting people. They are arresting the Vilkas family.

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Book Review: The Hunger Games

In a place once known as North America, there is country called Panem. The country is made up of a Capital and twleve outlying Districts. Many years ago, the Districts rebelled and were defeated. Now, as a punishment and reminder, they must send up representatives for the annual Hunger Games, a brutal televised battle to the death. Twelve Districts must send two representatives. One girl. One boy. Both Children.


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