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Lost Abbey Book Review

Mary and Susannah Hill are sister maids living in Oldbourne Manor in England 1610. Its a turbulent time for Catholics, and Oldbourne Manor is thoroughly Catholic. Or at least, it was. Susannah has discovered her sister has left Catholicism and may prove to be a risk to the manor. Will Mary turn the manor in? Will Susannah turn her sister in? The story of a trial between two sisters, and two faiths.

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Book Review: a.k.a genius

Gabe is in 7th grade and was, until this school year, somewhat normal. Normal, except that he’s convinced one of his arms is going to stretch out longer than the other. And he can’t open his locker. And he can’t speak whenever Becca is around. And he passes gas when he gets nervous. But otherwise, he’s been an average, ordinary, normal kid at St. Jude’s Academy. But now all that has changed when some test scores have him pegged as a genius. As far as Gabe is concerned, its no big deal. After all, what good is being a genius if you can’t even open your own locker? But his parents care. And his teachers, the principle, his friends, the janitor. In fact, that he’s a genius seems to matter to everyone but Gabe! It’s going to make for one long school year, how can he possibly manage it?

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The Wind Blows Free

Melinda Pierce isn’t exactly thrilled to be leaving her quaint town life in East Texas. She’ll have to leave behind her friends and her grandmother, and for what? Life as a homesteader in Western Texas? No matter, she’ll have just one year before she can return to East Texas, her grandmother, friends, and finishing school. Just one year…

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