Billy and Blaze: A Boy and His Horse

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Billy was a little boy who loved horses more than anything. One day, he receives a pony for his birthday, and from that day on Billy is rarely without his pony Blaze. Together they ride over fields and through woods all the while learning to jump. Eventually, the pair enter the Mason Horse Show and compete for the Silver Cup.

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The first of a classic series, Billy and Blaze is a sweet tale of a boy and his horse and the bond between them. Although the writing is simple, it is structurally more advanced than other books tend to be in the grade level.  A welcome departure, I’m sure. Additionally, C.W. Anderson’s illustrations are not to be missed.

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  • Author: C. W. Anderson
  • Publisher: Aladdin (April 1,1992)
  • Paperback: 56 pages
  • Reading Age: K – 2
  • Scholastic Interest Level: K-2
  • Scholastic AR Level: 4.4

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What You Need to Know

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  • Role Models/Authority Figures – Billy is a good boy who treats animals with respect.
  • Violence – Billy saves a dog caught in a trap.
  • Sexual Content – None.
  • Language – No foul language.
  • Consumerism – None.
  • Drinking/Smoking/Drugs – None.
  • Religion – None.
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