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Book Review: Radio Girl

Cece is 15 years old and, golly, just has to get working at the local radio station. She’s practiced her elocution, can whistle like all get out, and knows a lot about sound effects. That’s because her father does the sound effects for one of the local stations. The trouble is, her father hasn’t been around a lot lately and she can’t seem to convince him to let her work at his station. That doesn’t stop Cece, though…

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Book Review: Prairie Thief

Jessamine can’t believe the turn her life has taken! Her Pa is in jail, and she is forced to live with her Pa’s accusers! But the Colorado prairie is full of secrets – some of them magical – and Jessamine Brody is about to discover one of them.

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Rabbit Hill

It’s hard times at Rabbit Hill. There hasn’t been anyone living in the farmhouse since last autumn and the animals are forced to eat crabgrass and chickweed. Not a clover left anywhere. But rumor has it that New Folk are moving in, and the animals are beside themselves with curiosity. Will the New Folk have dogs? cats? will they plant a garden?

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