Who I am

I am a parent, probably not unlike you. More specifically, I am a Catholic mom concerned about the content of “Young Adult” literature.  I read a lot. My children read a lot. We read a lot together.

Recently, I’ve discovered that many parents just don’t know what is in the books their children read.  Here is where I try to help.

My Goal

To provide thoughtful reviews with a Catholic worldview.  Also, to provide specific instances of things that I believe you should be aware of. We all have our tolerance levels – this website isn’t here to decide yours for you.  It is meant to be a guide of what is in the book that may warrant further discussion.

Questions or Comments

Have a book that you’d like to see reviewed? Hate my review and want to tell me so? Just want to drop a note? Please email me at Christine {at} catholic[nospam]sensemedia.org  (just remove the at and the “no spam”).