Who I am

Let’s not get all existential, ‘kay?

I’m a mom. And I’m Catholic. And I read a lot.

I’m a fan of great literature. And good literature. And good stories. And sometimes I can’t help myself and I read the back of cereal boxes.

And then one day a bunch of my friends were lamenting that they had no idea what was in the books their children/middle schoolers/young adults were reading. And then we started chatting about books, especially young adult books, and then everyone lamented that there wasn’t a good Catholic site for this, and well, voila. I talk about this stuff all the time. I may as well blog about it, too. And hey! It’s fun!

My Goal

I try to provide thoughtful reviews from a Catholic Perspective. I talk about how I go about this on my blog, Epiphanies of Beauty.

You aren’t going to find me telling you what to read and what not to read. We all have our tolerance levels for what is acceptable for our children to read, and when: this website isn’t here to decide yours for you.  Thus, after I review a book I try to give you a list of things that you may want to be aware of and that you may want to discuss with your children, or not.

Review Policy

Have a book you’d like me to review? I’ll read anything (see note above). Well, not anything. I don’t read horror books. Or the X-rated stuff.  Also, I’m not in the business world anymore, so you really don’t want me to review your books on how to make an impact on the work place, I have enough trouble having an impact on the dust bunnies.

If you send me your book, I will review it. Even the books I’m not terribly fond of.  That said, I do try to keep Christian charity at the forefront: for the author and for the readers who come to my site for honest reviews.

Questions or Comments

Still want me to review that book of yours? Hate my review and want to tell me so? Just want to drop a note? Please email me at Christine@EpiphaniesOfBeauty.com, or you can use the contact form here.