Book Review: Glitter Girl

Every girl wants to be like Kat Connor. She’s pretty, and stylish, and now she’s an Alpha Girl for Glitter Girl Cosmetics. Life couldn’t be better for Kat. She’s the Alpha Girl and now the most popular girl at school. So how come her best friend Jules isn’t talking to her anymore? And why does she feel so crummy? Will becoming the national face of Glitter Girl take away all this hurt?

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Lost Abbey Book Review

Mary and Susannah Hill are sister maids living in Oldbourne Manor in England 1610. Its a turbulent time for Catholics, and Oldbourne Manor is thoroughly Catholic. Or at least, it was. Susannah has discovered her sister has left Catholicism and may prove to be a risk to the manor. Will Mary turn the manor in? Will Susannah turn her sister in? The story of a trial between two sisters, and two faiths.

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Book Lists to Love

Of the creation of book lists, there seems to be no end. Even on Pinterest I continue to see new and improved “10 Books Every Parent Should Read to Their Child…” for Halloween, for Christmas, before said child is 10 or 12 or…the lists keep propagating. But not all book lists are equal.

This is my list of favorite book lists. The lists are comprised of books that promote

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